Every Zoning Regulation at Your Fingertips

Zonar can recreate any rule, variance, bonus, or local requirement. It is fully customizable and works with every use and regulation.
Single or Mixed Uses

Determine requirements based on single use or mixed use buildings, including commercial, residential, lodging, industrial, retail, custom use, and more.

Parking Requirements

Calculates parking requirements by use. Includes options of various parking structure types, underground parking, as well as off-site parking, bonuses, transfer parking, and more.

Lot Condition and Frontages

Considers property dimensions, elevation change, topography, lot coverage, physical conditions, single or multiple frontages, corner conditions, and more.


Calculate setbacks based on lot conditions and dimensions, use type, abutting conditions and properties.

Abutting Conditions

Takes abutting elements into account including public spaces, waterways, transit routes, and different zones, among others.

Thoroughfare Conditions

Consider different types of abutting thoroughfares such as highways, streets, alleys, rivers, and pedestrian pathways. Includes width, intersections, and circulation conditions.


Calculate environmental bonuses and requirements, including all LEED certification calculations.

Transit Oriented Development

Supports all methods of transit oriented development, integrating overlays with transit routes, and calculating bonuses, parking reductions, and variances.

Volumetric Limits

Automatically calculates limits and floor-to-area ratios (FAR) for towers, podiums, and parking based on setbacks, height and volumetric limits, intended use, and more.

Overlays and Districts

Automatically calculates special conditions or regulations based on geospatial zoning overlays or districts.


Calculate eligible variances based on automatic or conditional triggers. Create and implement new site-specific variances.


Automatically or manually include waivers and restrictions with a click of a mouse.